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Program Verification using VeriFast

VeriFast is a verifier for single-threaded and multithreaded C and Java programs annotated with preconditions and postconditions written in separation logic. To enable rich specifications, the programmer may define inductive datatypes, primitive recursive pure functions over these datatypes, and abstract separation logic predicates. To enable verification of these rich specifications, the programmer may write lemma functions, i.e., functions that serve only as proofs that their precondition implies their postcondition. The verifier checks that lemma functions terminate and do not have side-effects. Verification proceeds by symbolic execution, where the heap is represented as a separation logic formula. Since neither VeriFast itself nor the underlying SMT solver do any significant search, verification time is predictable and low. We are currently using VeriFast to verify fine-grained concurrent data structures, unloadable kernel modules, and JavaCard programs.

Vladimir Klebanov,
Jul 5, 2011, 5:59 AM